12 December, 2017

Pre-Purchase Advisory

Pre-Purchase Advisory

Purchasing a superyacht is a highly complex decision process that involves many expertise to successfully define all different variables, bring together the perfect team and define the desired yacht. Nicola Nicolai pre-purchase advisory provides the client with an experienced support to ensure his needs and desires for the new project are turned into detailed plans and specifications, the best professionals in the industry are carefully chosen, a smooth and timely decision process is secured throughout each phase, from concept design to contract.


Nicola Nicolai thanks to his knowledge of product, process and market, supports clients through the whole process, from design, through negotiation to the signature of the contract.

He assures all design, technical, contractual features are successfully defined in the best interest of the project, leaving the owner only the enjoyable experience of dreaming of his future yacht.


  • Definition of concept design and brief specification
  • Selection of design team
  • Selection of naval architects
  • Selection of shipyards
  • Interior and exterior design development coordination
  • General Arrangement Plan (GAP) review
  • Technical specification review
  • Contract terms review


Nicola Nicolai offers tailor-made market analysis to select the most suitable shipyards able to deliver projects that perfectly meet the needs and expectations of the customer.

Thanks to his expertise, he fully manages all information, provides an objective comparison of plans, specifications and offers and brings an independent advisory to assure the customer the most valuable investment and enjoyable experience.


  • Market Comparative Analysis
  • General Arrangement plans’ analysis and comparison
  • Technical Specifications’ analysis and comparison
  • Price offers evaluation and comparison
  • Contract terms analysis and comparison
  • SWOT Analysis and Recommendations