12 April, 2019


Singapore, April 10, 2019

The 69-meter Benetti MY SPECTRE has been awarded as the Best Custom-Built Yacht at the Asia Boating Awards 2019 for being the completely one-of-a-kind project launched in 2018 displaying technical excellence and design quality, as well as outstanding build quality.

SPECTRE’s Project Management from concept design, through negotiation to delivery and commissioning by Nicola Nicolai.

An Executive Management of the project will protect the client’s investment during the building of the yacht. Nicola Nicolai as Executive Manager will coordinate and oversee the project working along with the owner, designers, naval architects, the shipyard and all other involved parties ensuring all targets are achieved on time, on budget and according to the desired quality standard.

Thanks to the experience gained by managing 120 superyacht projects from 30 up to 90+ meters for the top companies in the yachting industry, NICOLA NICOLAI WILL BE the PROJECT’S INSIDER ON THE OWNER’S SIDE.

We welcome you to contact us at info@nicolanicolai.com to discuss your next project.